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Celebrating our 46th Anniversary May, 2014

Coachmaster specializes in repair of the modern car and pick up truck. It is our primary business and has been for over 40 years. However we have had several custom cars and motorcycles featured in magazines . Our last entry took "best overall of show" from 250 entries in San Francisco.

Our RV repair shop in Redding has the expertise, skills and equipment to get any job done if your RV, Camper or fifth wheel needs body repair call us.

Our staff includes a California State Certified instructor, the only one associated with collision repairs and painting in Northern California. He is also certified as an expert by the legal community and has testified in numerous court cases.

Browse our Web site for more information about Coachmaster. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Coachmaster representative regarding our products and services, please call us @ 1800-731-1310 or locally @ 530-243-1310.

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Tip of the month: Winter Tire Pressure

Ideally, tires should be checked for air pressure before the car is driven for the day. When the first cold days arrive I always check my tires because the pressure inside the tires goes down when it is cold outside.

We see many collisions that occur during the first months of winter. The driver’s often blame a loss of control from a lack of traction or sudden deflation caused by a blow-out. When inspecting a vehicle involved in a loss of traction collision or sudden deflation, we often notice all the tires had dangerously low air pressure. Do yourself a favor and check tire pressure often, especially when the weather changes to cold for the first time.

Modern vehicles have the manufactures tire pressure posted in the driver’s door jamb or on the door inner frame. Pressure recommendations on the tire may not be for your specific vehicle.

Tire pressure gauges are available at auto parts stores and big box stores. I recommend the digital or the pressure gauge style as the most accurate and they are now inexpensive. The pencil type gauge used in years past are not recommended as they tend to become less accurate if not kept in a sealed container.

Got a question? Give us a call. Coachmaster has been Redding collision repair headquarters for cars, trucks and RV’s for over 46 years. 530-243-1310

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Coachmaster Auto Body & Paint | Auto Body Shop | Collision Repair | Redding, CA | 800-731-1310